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@scruss yep. I use it almost every day.

Ravens ignore a treat in favor of a useful tool for the future arstechnica.com/science/2017/0

Ravens are just the most awesome bird.

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Google: Sign this petition to save net neutrality!
Me: Why don't you just bribe them? It would cost you, like, 80 grand.

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I'm still waiting for #rms to announce that they're changing the name of the #FSF to the Foundation for Software Freedom. cybre.space/media/SwZvkfCHs5Ua #GNU #stallman #opensource #linux #freesoftware

I'm going to be talking about at tonight's @gtalug meeting for 10 minutes gtalug.org/meeting/2017-07/

Anything I should mention? myles.life/media/U-jvz5AqLQaJX

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reject corporate presence in your social spaces

A dystopian hard science fiction universe where coffee is outlawed and the one scofflaw and their Aero Press trying to save the world.

One cup at a time.

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Me: but why the double spacing between some of the words and also the comma?!

Justin Trudeauโ€™s socks appeal is starting to wear thin thestar.com/entertainment/2017

"Canadaโ€™s slide into the slow and painful death of photo-op governance, where promises are broken, there is no strategic vision and policy plays second fiddle to publicity."

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@chosafine @staticsafe (sorry to bounce on this conversation)

Maybe something closer to what Facebook is using. myles.life/media/FRQEesLaiskVG

Say it's a social network, what you can do with it, and the safety/privacy stuff is important.

Working on a sticker I'm going to craft tonight at the HackLab.TO open house. myles.life/media/BRvVnIrvDoQBr