Ravens ignore a treat in favor of a useful tool for the future

Ravens are just the most awesome bird.

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Google: Sign this petition to save net neutrality!
Me: Why don't you just bribe them? It would cost you, like, 80 grand.

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I'm still waiting for #rms to announce that they're changing the name of the #FSF to the Foundation for Software Freedom. #GNU #stallman #opensource #linux #freesoftware

I'm going to be talking about at tonight's @gtalug meeting for 10 minutes

Anything I should mention?

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reject corporate presence in your social spaces

A dystopian hard science fiction universe where coffee is outlawed and the one scofflaw and their Aero Press trying to save the world.

One cup at a time.

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Me: but why the double spacing between some of the words and also the comma?!

Justin Trudeau’s socks appeal is starting to wear thin

"Canada’s slide into the slow and painful death of photo-op governance, where promises are broken, there is no strategic vision and policy plays second fiddle to publicity."

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Working on a sticker I'm going to craft tonight at the HackLab.TO open house.

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