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Mahsa also makes another point in her talk that is very important.

She mentions that we can't just tell Iranians to move away from using Telegram because it is as much a social and cultural phenomenon as much it is a technical one.

According to her, Telegram provides a framework that permeates Iranian internet culture in a very specific way.

She says that we should focus on making Telegram better and that Telegram should be more proactive rather than reactive to human rights issues.

Only two more hours and I get to go on vacation!

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Myles boosted is using a Javascript miner.

Well I'm glad to have my own instance.

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I've got the brains
You've got the looks
Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

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You can now watch Lightning talks from December 2017 #GTALUG meeting --

The topics are:

1. Terraform by Myles Braithwaite
2. Remacs by Christopher Browne
3. Humble Pie by Trent Drake
4. OnePlus 5 Review by Evan Leibovitch
5. How Completing in CTF Made Me a Better Linux User by Myles Braithwaite
6. Facebook Prophet by Myles Braithwaite

The video of talks I gave at Tuesday's @gtalug meeting are up:

πŸ“Š Facebook Prophet:

🐧 How Completing in CTF Made Me a Better Linux User:

πŸ›£ Terraform:

Check them out!

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The only safe way to transfer data is grabbing floppy discs from teenage boys in dark alleys while you ride a skateboard.


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me: so what do you think

you: i can see where youre coming from. but your plan to hack into the banking system and set everybodys bank balance to $69,420 would not actually create communism

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The @UselessDuck Company built a Rocket Powered Birthday Cake invention at the HackLab

reputation / Taylor Swift - over engineered and is just really bad.
Melodrama / Lorde - over engineered and is totally awesome.

It's strange how two similar approaches produce wildly different albums.

I gave a talk at September's @gtalug meeting on Web Scraping:

Here is a talk I gave back in March at @gtalug on Let’s Encrypt (filmed by the awesome @avolkov).

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slack is down, everybody post boring work bullshit on mastodon

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