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2019-09-16: First day at new job!

2019-09-13: ‪Last day at old job!‬ ‪Monday is first day at new job!‬

2019-09-11: I’m going to miss Winston Woods Park near my office.

2019-09-11: Took the wrong train this morning and now I’m in Appleby (two stops west of Oakville).

2019-09-07: Living near the lake is awesome!

2019-09-06: 🎵 Ann Power’s review of Lana Del Rey’s new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, is an awesome read.

2019-09-06: 😬 For the second time in two weeks, I’m going to be 30 minutes late for work.

2019-09-06: Go Train stoped across from Gestusra Island on the Credit River.

2019-09-05: Had an awesome cocktail tonight at Petty Cash, an Abraham Drinkin’, with gin, lime, cucumber, and …

2019-09-04: 📓 Finally finished my September’s Log!

2019-08-31: From a hike in the The Glen (~15mins outside of Owen Sound).

2019-08-30: Field of alfalfa at sunset.

2019-08-30: Photos from a hike on the top of the escarpment near Blue Mountain.

2019-08-28: At the farm.

2019-08-27: Had margaritas last night.

2019-08-25: Just finished my Weekly Log!

2019-08-24: Pictures from walking to Parkdale last night. #Latergram

2019-08-21: Back in the suburbs.

2019-08-21: I’m excited to be attending Polyhack 23 on 11 Septemeber 2019 at 6:30pm.

2019-08-21: 🎧 Lana Del Rey cover of Donovan’s Season of the Witch is awesome.

2019-08-20: Hasan Minhaj on why public transportation sucks in the US.

2019-08-20: In four weeks my long commute to Oakville will be at an end. I got a job located a twenty minute …

2019-08-19: Stuck at Long Branch GO Station 🙄.

2019-08-19: Apple spends more on R&D than the entire country of Spain. As in the entire country of Spain …

2019-08-19: Do boring speakers really talk for longer? Robert M. Ewers in Nature: The 34 interesting talks lasted, on average, a punctual 11 minutes and …

2019-08-18: Currently reading: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer 📚

2019-08-18: My fortune cookie at Mother’s Dumplings today.

2019-08-18: Data-Driven Design Is Killing Our Instincts, valuing data over design instinct puts metrics over …

2019-08-16: Ugly Gerry is a font created by US congressional districts.

2019-08-16: Amazon Is Using a Twitter Army of Employees to Fight Criticism of Warehouses This is some dystopian stuff. Amazon Uses a Twitter Army of Employees to Fight Criticism of …

2019-08-16: Template errors in Laravel are the hardest bugs to figure out.

2019-08-14: June Oven owners are reporting preheating incidents. This is 100% the fault of June and not the user: June CEO Matt Van Horn says that owners, not the …

2019-08-13: Currently reading Draplin Design Co. Pretty Much Everything by Aaron James Draplin. This page is …

2019-08-13: Listening to Tooth and Tail’s soundtrack by Austin Wintory gives my chores pomp and circumstance.

2019-08-12: I’ll be attending GTALUG on Tuesday 13 August @ 7:30pm.

2019-08-11: Sitting in a park in Port Perry.

2019-08-10: I ♥️ summer in Toronto.

2019-08-10: Thinknum, a dataset serivce for revealing strategic movements within companies, made their pitch …

2019-08-08: Scooter's aren't as "eco-friendly" as they claim to be The study concludes that dockless scooters generally produce more greenhouse-gas emissions per …

2019-08-06: Waiting to go home from Oakville.

2019-08-04: Outside is awesome today!

2019-08-03: 🎥 Hobbs & Shaw was really good.

2019-08-01: 🎵 Chance the Rapper new album The Big Day is awesome.

2019-07-30: Lovebot Graffiti in Toronto “To create a better future we must create love within our lives now we have the tools to create …